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Carbon Footprint Policy

The FIRST LUGGAGE Carbon Offset Program

First Luggage only partner with companies who have a robust and energetic Green Policy.

The First Luggage Carbon Offset Program enables environmentally conscious travellers to minimise their carbon footprint. First Luggage is partnered with, one of the country’s leading carbon offset organisations to allow clients to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated from airplanes, trucks and trains that are used to forward luggage.

Why Offset?

Increased carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels have been shown cause the climate to change and global warming. If left unchecked, this trend will have catastrophic results. The effects of climate change can be seen today as temperatures are increasing and storms are becoming more powerful and causing more severe damage.

How Does it Work?

First Luggage working with, has calculated the amount of carbon dioxide emissions generated from the airplanes, trucks and trains that are used to forward luggage. Based on the average emission for each bag, clients will have the option to contribute to supporting reduction of these carbon dioxide emissions. This contribution will be applied to renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects by First Luggage also encourage its customers to ship the minimum number of bags ensuring minimum traffic and most efficient loading transport containers.

How Much Does it Cost?

This program will give clients the option of adding £0.25p per bag to booking total, which will be used to balance out the carbon dioxide emissions from an average First Luggage shipment. This contribution will be used to support carbon-reducing projects such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects.

First Luggage’s Contribution

First Luggage has further demonstrated its commitment to the environment by implementing several programs at the company’s Hillingdon headquarters. All nonessential paperwork and documentation has been eliminated from each shipment, and First Luggage has put in place a comprehensive office-wide recycling program.